Wobenzym N is now available Wobenzym!
A Systemic Enzyme Formula that supports the body's own defenses.

The original Wobenzym N formula is now proudly manufactured by Douglas Laboratories.  Wobenzym supports a healthy immune system by replenishing essential enzymes in the body.  Various counterfeit products have been marketed in the U.S., which has caused confusion among health care providers and patients alike.  Now you can purchase the authentic formula directly through from the exclusive distributor in the U.S.


"Wobenzym N is a specific enzyme formula that supports the body's own defenses. Wobenzym N has been proven effective by numerous clinical studies. Wobenzym N is Germany’s most popular immune system supplement."

"Wobenzym N has been used worldwide for over 47 years and its numerous benefits have been validated in many scientific and clinical studies. Its benefits include moderation of the body's inflammatory response. Wobenzym is the only systemic enzyme formulation that has this long history of clinically proven health benefits and scientific research."


Wobenzym N

Douglas Laboratories
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Since it's debut in 1959, millions of Europeans have been using Wobenzym N for their health and well-being. Wobenzym N promotes healthy aging by safely providing support of the body's immune system when taken regularly. As people get older, their bodies produce less of the immune system enzymes. In Germany, enzyme therapy is being successfully applied in combination with various other therapies.

In 1974, Dr. Karl Ransberger and Dr. Max Wolf ("the father of enzyme therapy") wrote a book on enzyme therapy and indicated that this type of therapy was about 70% successful in its treatment of certain cancers. The proteolytic enzymes mentioned in the books most frequently in connection with cancer therapy are chymotrypsin and trypsin.  Both of these enzymes are present in Wobenzym N.

Wobenzym N tablets are enterically coated to optimize availability in the body.  The enteric coating protects the enzymes from being destroyed in the stomach by gastric acid. The coating first dissolves in the small intestine, thus assuring proper absorption of the enzymes in Wobenzym N. The enzymes will enter the blood stream and move throughout the body. In addition to supporting a variety of metabolic functions, it has been said that the enzymes can improve circulation to impaired body regions reducing edema.  Reduced edema allows these areas to be supplied with more nutrients and oxygen. The presence of specific enzymes has also been known to increase the white blood cell activity related to the immune system. Because of the wide range of their activity, enzyme supplements can be used to support the healing process for a large variety of physical ailments.  In Europe, Wobenzym N is routinely used in hospitals and prescribed by medical professionals.

As time goes on, more research and clinical assessments should reveal the positive effects of enzyme supplementation.  The benefits of Wobenzym N are available to all of us now.

Best natural alternative for immune, joint, muscle and tendon health
Supported by 160 clinical studies 
Positive history of use by over 100 million people worldwide 
Consumer loyalty
of over 80% 
Proven 100% safe 



Pancreatin  300 mg
Papain  180 mg
Bromelain  135 mg
Trypsin  72 mg
Chymotrypsin  3 mg
Rutosid (Rutin) 150 mg


100 tab $39.70
200 tab $67.40
800 tab $214.30

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