Neutrophil Plus 90 caps - Biotics Research - 6350


Neutrophil Plus
  90 caps
Biotics Research
Neutrophil Plus 90 caps - Biotics Research - 6350
Neutrophil Plus




All Biotics Research products are GLUTEN FREE

Usage of Biotics Research Neutrophil Plus:
Consider with any immune problem involving the upper respiratory system such as otitis media, throat, sinus and bronchial conditions. Use Liquid Iodine , Oorganik-15 , Pneuma-Zyme and or IAG to boost the effectiveness.
Two (2) capsules three (3) times daily (just before meals) as a dietary supplement or as otherwise directed by a health care professional.
Precautions for Biotics Research Neutrophil Plus:
WARNING: Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.
  Two (2) capsules supply:
Vitamin A (natural mixed carotenoids) 8000 I.U.
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 150 mg
Vitamin E (emulsified d-alpha tocopheryl acetate) 20 I.U.
Calcium (calcium glycerophosphate) 95 mg
Phosphorus (calcium glycerophosphate) 73 mg
Zinc (gluconate) 6 mg
Copper (gluconate) 0.6 mg
- - Neonatal (bovine) Thymus Concentrate -
- - Ribonucleic acid (from yeast) -
- - Maitake Mushroom (aerial part) -
- - Thyme (thymus vulgaris)(leaves and flowers) -
- - Barberry (berberis vulgaris)(bark) -
- - Mullein flower (verbaseum thapsus)(flower) -
- - Prickley Ash (zanthoxylum clava-herculis)(bark) -
- - Oregon Grape (root) -

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Biotics Research Neutrophil Plus 90 caps



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