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Beta-TCP (with Vitamin C)
Product size: 90 tab
Manufacturer: Biotics Research

Beta-TCP (with Vitamin C)

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Beta-TCP is the same product as Beta Plus except, it does not contain bile salts. In addition to the organic beet component, it contains vitamin C from a beet source, as well as taurine and pancrelipase, all of which are known to assist with biliary stasis. If biliary stasis is allowed to continue for an extended period of time, one of the first problems encountered is that you may form gallstones. Before you begin to form stones, you may have symptoms for a good many years. The symptoms are pain over the eyes, pain in the webbing between the right thumb and forefinger, pain between the shoulder blades, gas, bloating and an inability to tolerate fats or fried foods. Use Beta-TCP at two to three tablets, three times a day. This product was brought into the Biotics Research line after Beta Plus , because doctors in the field and the people at Biotics Research understood that not everybody who had a gallbladder problem had a bile insufficiency. The patients were producing enough bile, but the bile was too thick. It was in stasis, so it needed to be thinned. Use Beta Plus to thin bile because in most cases, it is too thick as a result of excess cholesterol and fat in the diet. There are a lot of herbal products available in the marketplace for biliary stasis. However, none have been proven as effective as Beta-TCP. Another area that you may want to consider with biliary stasis is that hormones are conjugated in the liver and removed through the bile tract. If this function is not properly completed, you may appear to have hormonal problems. However, the problem is in the liver and biliary tract.

Usage of Biotics Research Beta-TCP (with Vitamin C):
1 tablet with each meal as a dietary supplement or as otherwise directed by a health care professional.
  Each tablet supplies:
Taurine 100 mg
Vitamin C (beet source) 60 mg
Pancrelipase 50 mg
Whole Beet Concentrate (certified organically grown beets) 100 mg
Superoxide Dismutase 20 mcg
Catalase 20 mcg

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Biotics Research Beta-TCP (with Vitamin C) 90 tab



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