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Gastrazyme (GI support)
Product size: 90 tab
Manufacturer: Biotics Research

Gastrazyme (GI support)

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Gastrazyme is a source of Vitamin U and other nutrients known to help with stomach inflammation and ulcers. Vitamin U, a cabbage extract, was first used by Dr. Garnet Chaney as an agent to help ulcers. He used cabbage juice and is the doctor who gave cabbage juice the name of vitamin U. Gastrazyme also contains Gamma Oryzanol which has been shown by research to heal the stomach lining and ulcers.

Gastrazyme™ supplies specific nutrients including vitamin U complex, chlorophyllins and vitamin A, ingredients all known to support the health of GI tract, which may become stressed due to normal, everyday factors. Early studies have recognized the effectiveness of raw cabbage juice in normalizing gastric and intestinal function. Glutamine and methionine derivatives present in this juice are believed to be the active principles. Specific attention has focused on methionine S-methylsulfonium (MMS) in the chlorinated form. MMS occurs in a variety of fruits and vegetables, such as cabbage. Studies have demonstrated that MMS supports the normal healing process of the stomach following exposure to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents (NSAIDs). Traditionally, this compound has been designated Vitamin U, although it does not meet the classic definition of a vitamin.

Usage of Biotics Research Gastrazyme (GI support):
Use Gastrazyme with ulcers, hiatal hernia, acid-reflux, excess hydrochloric acid production, heartburn, sour stomach, and as a source of chlorophyll. Gastrazyme is very high in chlorophyll. Use two to three tablets, three times a day just before meals. For ulcers, use six tablets three times a day with meals for 30 days or until inflammation has resolved and the lesions begin to heal. Then, begin to reduce the dose.
  Each tablet supplies:
Vitamin A (palmitate) 1,000 I.U.
Natural mixed carotenoids 2,500 I.U.
Gamma Oryzanol 100 mg
Vitamin U 10 (DL-Methionine,S-Methyl Sulfonium Chloride) 10 mg
Chlorophyllins 20 mg
Superoxide Dismutase 15 mcg
Catalase 15 mcg

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Biotics Research Gastrazyme (GI support) 90 tab



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